Doge Modular XL stand-up armchair

Available to order…our Doge Specials!


  • Maximum load 250 kg
  • Equipped with 3 engines
  • Dutch product
  • Unique tilt function
  • Tailored
  • Different fabrics and colours

Individual seating comfort

This armchair has individual adjustment options such as seat width, seat height, seat depth, armrest height, back angle, footrest, headrest and tilt adjustment. The stand-up facility makes it possible to stand and sit without effort. The Modular XL is a Dutch product and has a carrying capacity of 250 kg.

Unique tilt function

All Doge Collection armchairs have a unique tilt function that you will not find in any other stand-up armchair. If you use the tilt function, your sitting position will remain the same because the entire chair tilts, including the armrests.


  • Seat height: 43 to 53 cm, adjustable per centimeter
  • Seat depth: 44 to 53 cm, adjustable per centimeter
  • Seat width: 60 or 70 cm
  • Back height: 81 cm
  • Armrest height: 16 to 28 cm, adjustable per centimeter
  • Back angle: Electrically adjustable
  • Footrest: Electrically adjustable
  • Tilt adjustment: Electrically adjustable
  • Stand-up: Electrically adjustable
  • Maximum load: 250 kg


  • Neck pillow Drop with foam filling and lead flap
  • Neck pillow Drop with foam filling and band
  • Neck pillow Picollo
  • Inflatable neck pillow with lead flap
  • Inflatable neck pillow with strap
  • Side panels in different color and/or fabric
  • Battery pack 
  • Narrow the seat width
  • Seat with memory foam
  • Seat with Perfolatex
  • Seat with Platilon
  • Seat with harder quality foam
  • Plank seat
  • Raise or lower back
  • Back with memory foam
  • Back provided with Perfolatex
  • Spine with Platilon
  • Adjust back angle to 90 degrees
  • Back cup-shaped padding
  • Lower armrest
  • Armrest folds away
  • Extra wide armrest
  • Armrest with memory foam
  • Armrest with Perfolatex
  • Armrest with Platilon
  • Footstool or intermediate bench with memory foam
  • Footstool or intermediate bench with Perfolatex
  • Footstool or intermediate bench with Platilon
  • Lumbar pillow 

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