Givas treatment chair MR1065

Givas treatment chair type Free with fixed seat height and independent section adjustment with gas spring. The Free is specifically designed to meet the needs of patients with moderate mobility to get to a ward. 

The armrests are height adjustable and suitable for side transfer when set to the lowest position. With the armrests set to the highest position, the patient's body is enclosed, which provides excellent support when lifting.


  • Dimensions in sitting position: 74 x 90 x 142 cm
  • Dimensions in lying position: 74 x 192 x 73 cm
  • Seat width: 54 cm
  • Seat depth: 45 cm
  • Seat height from the floor: 52 cm
  • Height of armrests from the floor: min. 48 cm – max. 71 cm
  • Backrest angle: 95° / 162°
  • Leg rest angle: -90° / 10° 
  • Wheel diameter: 125 mm
  • Maximum user weight: 150 kg
  • Chair weight: 40 kg


  • Fold-away footrests
  • Plastic protective cover for the leg rest
  • Height-adjustable headrest in the same color as the chair
  • Height-adjustable headrest in a different color than the chair
  • Fixed height infusion holder
  • Infusion holder height adjustable
  • Fixed mounting clamps for oxygen container on the right and/or left
  • Height-adjustable mounting clamps for oxygen holder on the right and/or left
  • Worksheet
  • Fixing clamps for worktop
  • Urine bag holder
  • Base plate
  • Paper roll holder
  • Oxygen bottle holder fixed height

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